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Something that hasn't happened for me in a very long time, I am having FUN painting and creating again! I am not worried about whether or not someone will like what I paint, where I am going to put another piece of art in my home, or who I will give it to. This is just for me. If I don't like my page, I just gesso over it and start again. I am painting every day now. I have learned so many new techniques from Sandy, learned about new products on the market (since we haven't been able to have conventions and see them in person!), and learned ways to use old products that I never knew about. I am so thankful for this group, and so thankful for Sandy. Sandy is always saying she is blessed to have us in this group, I just feel blessed to have Sandy and this group in my life!

Linda M. - OH

This group is definitely an adventure! I have learned so much! It's fun but also a great exercise in exploring the many ways to make art. Love all the content and the variety of lessons. I haven't gotten to every page but there isn't a single page I don't want to try...I'll get there eventually. The pages I have completed, I just love them!

Thanks for taking us on that adventure! Looking forward to new ones!!❤

Linda D. - CA

I love being part of Sandy’s journal group. It is my happy place. Sandy joyously shares her knowledge and inspires my creativity. She is warm, encouraging and a wonderful mentor!

Teresa V. - FL

I can’t encourage you all (or Ya’ll as Sandy would say) enough to join in on the fun and learning that goes into Sandy’s lessons. Sandy McTier is a wonderful, down to earth teacher who loves to share her talents with all of us! Her sessions give you a chance to watch and try so many techniques. And all the while, create your own journal! It has been such a wonderful experience. Hope you give it a try!!

Sandra S. ~ NY

I highly recommend Sandy’s Art Journaling membership. I love being a part of this inspiring and talented community of creatives. Sandy is such a wonderful teacher. I have become a better artist because of the tips and techniques I have learned from Sandy. Her designs are always so beautiful and fun to create, and I always learn something new with every tutorial. Sandy is so encouraging and she creates an environment where everyone feels uplifted and has fun. Even as a relative beginner I feel comfortable painting with Sandy. I’m so grateful for Sandy and this beautiful community of artist friends she’s created.

Shannon Y.

Sandy is such an amazing teacher, her classes are always so fun and packed full of techniques and ideas. She always takes the time to interact with her students on a personal level during all class events and treats us all as a personal friend. She keeps us all up to date and informed on what’s happening and coming up. I love being a member!

Deb A. ~ Canada

Just a quick couple of lines to say thank you! One of the very best things I have

ever done was to become a member way back in September. You have such an amazing love for all the members and give us so much encouragement to just play and grow. I have learned so much from you. Life has really been rough the past couple of years and I let it rob me of my love of painting but you and the other members have given that back to me. The group is a safe haven for all painters, new or experienced, it is a positive place where we can show our creations and get positive feed back from you and the other members. I don't have words enough to tell you how much you have blessed me. Thank you for giving me back my desire to create and enjoy the process. You are truly a blessing to all of us. God Bless

Ann H. ~ Indiana

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the Adventures of Art Journaling with Sandy McTier, watching Sandy create and share, learning new tips and tricks of art and journaling, meeting wonderful guests and learning their tips and tricks too. I feel part of a “family” with our group and look forward to the future, journaling with Sandy and meeting and getting to know other members.

 Heather D. - NY

Sandy McTier is such a great teacher! I have learned some great tips and techniques. I love doing an art journal. I have painted for many years and I don’t know where I can put or give another painting to but with journaling ~ I can create it on the art journal and then if I chose to put it on something else I can.

Debbie R. ~ CO

The Adventures of Art & Art Journaling Membership:

Endless inspiration, endless possibilities, and friendships.

Stephanie H. - OH

I am so happy to BELONG to such a wonderful group!

It's a way for me to keep active at 89 years young I feel so grateful to Sandy and yes that's my word of the year GRATEFUL . I am having a good time and to see all my friends someday on Zoom. Sandy I love you for all your work that you put into this and I also know how much you ENJOY what you are doing as well as all the Members enjoy you as well .

Normajean B.

Being a member of this group has opened my eyes to "thinking outside of the box". It has been such an inspiration to see how other members tackle a project and willfully share their ideas. We all support one another. Sandy is truly a gem. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. Sandy has brought in some fabulous guests demonstrating their techniques. A win win for all.

Madeline C.- NY

I'm so glad I joined this group. I have learned so much! I look at my art journal as an sketch book or my practice book. I incorporate all these techniques into other projects. I was scared to create my own designs, but now i combine the things I have learned and build my projects like a puzzle... and things just start falling into place.

I love to see other student's pages ~ how all the ideas runs in different directions and all their projects turn out so beautifully

I don't have words to explain how amazed I am with this group. Thank you Sandy for creating this group for us and all the hard work you put into it.

Janeth W. - GA

Being in The Adventures of Art & Journaling has been fun. I have learned several new techniques and refreshed several more. Sandy is a great teacher and explains everything extremely well. Other groups I have been in do the same thing over and over, but not with Sandy. Sandy's designs are unique and different.

Sue A. - GA

Sandy McTier is so giving - with her time and talent! Being a member of this group has been a blessing. I have learned so many new techniques that can translate to all forms of art - not just paper! I am especially grateful for learning that art is FUN and doesn’t have to be perfect. I am still working and can’t do all the live lessons, but knowing they are recorded and available any time I have time to do them, is priceless.  

Janet G. - CO

A friendly place to kick your feet up and have an opportunity to learn about all things art from one of our industries friendliest and talented artists 

Tracy K.

This group has been a blessing. Sandy is very giving of her talents and time. I have learned a lot. It helps me set aside time for creating. Even if I only listen it brightens my day and gives me ideas. No pressure, do what you can/want to do. The group as a whole is very supportive.

Betty VP. - UT

I love being a part of Sandy’s membership group. She is a wonderful friend and teacher and shares her talents so freely with everyone. I’ve grown in my art work since being in the group and been challenged to explore many new techniques. Our special guests are great and share their expertise and talent with us. Art journaling helps me to relax, experiment and be more creative.

Barb P. - GA

I appreciate being in your membership because I love your calming voice teaching new skills. Having and watching your classes encourages me to find the time to create more art!

Tonya D. - GA

Best thing I have done for myself was becoming a member of the adventures of art journaling with Sandy. She gives us all new and creative ways to express ourselves. I have not done mixed media before. Sandy you're so giving of your time and knowledge and make it so fun. I love being able to go back and watch the lessons after each time I watch I learn more. Ty for sharing and teaching us. You not only show us how you take the time and stop and explain whenever I message you with questions amazingly. You're right there. You're never too busy for us that’s impressive - cause I know you're crazy busy. Guest speakers open up so many new ideas also. Wonderful sweet teacher and wonderful group!!!                 

Julie - Maine

I was so pleasantly surprised in how much Sandy has shared with her membership already. She aims so high, but never without fully teaching you to understand. Sandy laughs at her seldom mistakes and acts so down to earth. A real gal who has amazing talents ready to teach. You'll be glad to join her amazing group and all the kind members.

Denise T. - Tennessee

One of the most difficult but freeing experiences is what art Journaling is about for me. Sandy is a fantastic artist, teacher, and new found friend. She shares so much information and it is done out of pure love of creating! I have learned so much, but have so much more to learn. Sandy is the instructor and guidance "counselor" I choose for my artistic journey to freedom!

Michelle P. - Maryland