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Sandy McTier

I currently reside in Georgia with my incredibly supportive husband. We are so blessed with three amazing sons ages 25,24, and 23.
I am a published artist, designer and travel teacher and I love to create something every day! I'm incredibly PROUD to be part of the DecoArt’s Helping Artist Program, and a Dynasty Artist. My happy place is in my studio designing projects while slinging and flinging paint! I'm happiest though in a classroom full of eager students wanting to learn and have fun!

Through my husband’s 22 year military service, we’ve been fortunate to travel the world and live in some amazing countries like Japan, Iceland and England.

When I became a military wife 30 years ago, I started making gifts for family and friends as a way to save money. One of the first things I painted were Japanese warrior shirts using fabric paint and eventually started selling them at the base gift shop.  When we moved to Iceland, I painted ornaments, plates and mugs and sold them through the base USO.  When next stationed in England, I painted ornaments with English cottages, telephone boxes, local castles and village signs, selling them at the annual bazaars.  I also created unique ceramic pieces to accompany customers china sets.

I love learning new things that help me grow and become a better artist and teacher. I am passionate about creating with acrylics, wOils, Mixed Media, but I also paint decorative glassware, windows, clothing, and murals.

I travel, Chapter Seminars, and have traveled to Taiwan and China to teach as well. I teach at National Painting Conventions and NOW on ZOOM! 
I’ve been published in Crafts N Things Magazine, Interactive Artist Magazine, Painting World Magazine, Clay Publication (online), and Pixelated Palette.  Have made appearances on Create & Craft TV UK, Create TV and soon the PBS Show Make It Artsy. 

I hope you’ll take some time to check out my blog – SandyMcTierBlog, my Facebook Page – Sandy McTier Designs
I’m also on Twitter (Sandy McTier), Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok
Oh, and don't forget to check out the projects I have on the website

I feel beyond BLESSED that I  love what I do and I get to share my passion for painting and creating with others around the world!

Sandy McTier Designs
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